Abdominal pain during fasting, a sign of ulcer recurrence?

Indigestion is becoming a health problem that often occurs when fasting. No wonder, because the stomach and all the digestive organs that usually work when you eat, should rest for more than 10 hours when you fast. The stomach feels wrapped around and sore, until the ulcer occurs most often. However, is there a stomach ache when fasting becomes an indication that ulcer is at a time?
Abdominal pain During fasting does not mean ulcer recurrence

Yes, the fact, not so. It may be true that the stomach hurts when the fasting of the ulcer recurrence, only if you have a history of this disease. However, for healthy people or no history of heartburn or other gastric disease, abdominal pain during fasting can be another sign.
While fasting, most organs in the body undergo a resting phase, especially those associated with digestion. Well, stomach is also so. Because of the absence of food entered and digested, it should be that this organ decreases acid production of stomach.
Unfortunately, this condition only lasts between 6 to 8 hours after the stomach is completely empty. While you fast almost 14 hours each day. This makes the stomach eventually produce acid, followed by a decrease in pH. This condition actually occurs because blood sugar levels are also decreased in the body.
Of course, this decrease in blood sugar makes you feel hungry, especially during the daytime. No wonder, because during the day is the time when an increase in gastric acid is in the highest position. This is why the ulcer often experiences a attack during the crucial hours.
However, do not assume that abdominal pain during fasting is a sign that the ulcer is relapse. If you are healthy, how can you experience heartburn? In fact, when the lunch time is finally open, the senses in your body will be more active, for the sense of smell.
What does that mean? That is to say, all the time, you will think about what the most delicious menu to eat when the Maghrib prayer reveres later. No wonder all the food and drinks that caught the eye are delicious, and this is not uncommon to make you dark eyes and want to try all. These hungry stomachs that make the stomach produce higher acid and make the stomach become sick.
Do not multiply when the iftar time arrives
Many forget, the stomach is empty and hunger when fasting makes itself become smooth when breaking. Young coconut ice, ice fruit, fried, all tasted delicious, even if you imagine eating together. Stomach satiety, hungry lost.
Not wrong, but you will again experience abdominal pain because of the smoothness. When opening, the stomach starts working again after a long period of rest. Preferably, choose a snack as an appetizer, so that the stomach is not surprised because it receives as much food as you eat. Especially if everything you consume when open is a type of heavy food.
Indeed, it is advisable to consume the sweet when it is open. However, it does not mean all the sweet should be eaten. White water and a date is enough to replace your lost energy.
However, if you are an ulcer and often relapse when fasting, try asking the doctor, what exactly is the cause. It could be that you do a bad habit that triggers a stomach ache during fasting or ulcer relapse when fasting.

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