Stomach feels wrapped in fasting, it causes

As the fast, there may be abdominal disorder that occurs, as the stomach feels wrapped around. This is usually due to unhealthy eating habits, stomach upset when fasting can be a sign of a more serious illness. For that, you need to know the causes and symptoms, especially if the stomach is wrapped up continuously.
One of the causes of pain and is wrapped around the stomach is because of bowel movements too fast. Bowel movements that are too fast can make a person experience. Another effect that can be inflicted from this movement is the stomach being wrapped and sick.
Bowel movements are stimulated by the autonomic nerve (the nerve that works unconsciously). This nerve is stimulated by food that enters the intestines. Bowel movements can be fast or slow, the human colon normally moves every 10-12 seconds. Please be aware that the intestines have peristalsis. This is a bowel movement from top to bottom that serves to move the fluid from top to bottom.
This bowel movement is also influenced by food. There are some foods that cause the gut to be wrapped around such as oily foods such as fried foods, food and fatty foods such as cheese and full cream milk and other gummy foods. In addition, slow bowel movements are also caused by slow loading of food.
To avoid the occurrence of colon wrapped around the time of fasting, you can do some of the following tips:
1. Avoid trigger food

You need to know what foods can make the body bad. Create a list of what foods you consume, and make your stomach feel sick and wrapped around. When you know it, you have to avoid these foods, both when Suhoor and open.
2. Avoid eating too much when you open
When you are open and too hungry, usually you will be able to spoil the variety of food that is presented at the dinner table. If you have this habit, you should start restraint. Because by directly eating in large quantities when opening, it may be one of the causes of stomach wrapped around. When the Maghrib arrives, immediately open and start with a simple drink such as white water to the electrolyte coconut water, then proceed with a sweet snack such as dates.
2. Avoid sleep after Suhoor

Direct sleep after eating Suhoor apparently can increase gastric acid secretion. This may result in abdominal pain, tenderness and even nausea during the day. Try not to sleep after Suhoor.
3. Manage Stress

You should know that stress is the source of various diseases, including stomach problems. Stress can increase stomach acid production and trigger a sense of wrapped in the stomach. Then, try to control stress well during fasting, so as not to disturb the comfort of your worship. Make the mind more relaxed and be more confident to do the things that are liked. Do not forget to exercise regularly, because exercise can increase the levels of endorphin hormones in the body that trigger a feeling of happiness.
That is the cause of the emergence of stomach wrapped in fasting. Do not let the stomach ache to be a barrier to your fasting. So if you are experiencing a disturbing enough interference, just contact your doctor.

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