This is what happens to the intestine 11 year old if rarely eat vegetables

Mother, watch nutrition intake of the little, yes! Recently a girl in Malaysia complained there was strange about her stomach. He felt his stomach constantly felt the pain for two days. Initially, the mother only thought the little ones only suffered from stomach problems. However, when examined, the mother was a herniate. This happens because the child rarely eats vegetables. What exactly does a doctor find?
The Doctor finds that the small intestine is filled with impurities that cannot be discarded completely out of the body. Worse, doctors have often found this kind of problem in children aged 11 years. The cause itself is a habit of children who do not like to consume vegetables, so that the body is deficient in fiber content is good for digestive processes.
Children who seldom eat vegetables mean, not consuming enough fiber foods. This will make a big bowel schedule become chaotic. The patient will experience constipation due to this. Fiber itself has a function that is quite important for the body, that is to help digest the food that enters the stomach. In addition, fiber can also help stimulate bowel movements, so that the remaining digestible food can be excreted quickly by the body.
When the fiber content in the body decreases, it means intestinal ability to absorb water, as well as making leftovers more easily secreted by the body will be disturbed. If the little one likes to consume vegetables, mothers can get around by eating some extra foods that contain a lot of fiber below. The goal is to keep the child’s digestion under normal conditions:

Omega-3’s are contained in fish, both for the digestive health of the little Si. In addition, fish also contains substances that are easier to digest by the digestive tract, because it does not overload their gastrointestinal tract. In fish also contained unsaturated fats are good to increase the digestive tract resistance of the little to the disease that will attack the intestines.

Yogurt can prevent constipation, since it contains good bacteria in the intestines called Lactobacillus. If the little is less like the sour taste, the mother can process it with fruits, such as avocado, banana, or strawberry to serve as smoothies. 

Tempe is a genuine Indonesian food that has a myriad of good benefits, one of which is for the gastrointestinal tract. In addition to having high fiber to help the digestive process, mushroom in Tempe can also help the process of absorption of minerals in the intestines to be maximal.

Fruits contain fiber and a variety of essential vitamins needed by the body. Routinely consume fruits will meet the needs of fiber that is useful to launch defecation, because the number of good bacteria in the intestines also increases. Because of the sweet taste, the little one will not refuse to eat the food.
If the various food intake above does not also help to change the needs of children’s fiber rarely eat vegetables, mother can discuss directly with the doctor.

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